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Pose Partitioning for Multi-resolution Segmentation of Arbitrary Mesh Animations

A. Vasilakis and I. Fudos
Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 33 no. 2, pages 293-302, April, 2014.


We present a complete approach to efficiently deriving a varying level-of-detail segmentation of arbitrary animated objects. An over-segmentation is built by combining sets of initial segments computed for each input pose, followed by a fast progressive simplification which aims at preserving rigid segments. The final segmentation result can be efficiently adjusted for cases where pose editing is performed or new poses are added at arbitrary positions in the mesh animation sequence. A smooth view of pose-to-pose segmentation transitions is offered by merging the partitioning of the current pose with that of the next pose. A perceptually friendly visualization scheme is also introduced for propagating segment colors between consecutive poses.We report on the efficiency and quality of our framework as compared to previous methods under a variety of skeletal and highly deformable mesh animations.


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