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A Mesh Correspondence Approach for Efficient Animation Transfer

A. Moutafidou and I. Fudos
Computer Graphics & Visual Computing (CGVC) 2019, Bangor, UK

Skeleton Transfer Pipeline


Animating a novel character not only needs a lot of effort and time but also requires the intervention of an experienced user.
Moreover, the traditional animation pipeline for a set of characters can be a tedious and cumbersome process which often needs to be repeated several times to correct artifacts.
We propose a user-friendly, semi-automated efficient method which is realized in two phases: (i) mesh correspondence, and (ii) skeleton and skinning transfer.
We have developed a software tool for realizing the entire process without the need of third party software. We have improved the efficiency of the entire animation transfer process. To substantiate this, we provide a comparative performance evaluation with previous competent approaches.
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