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Realistic Rendering of Material Aging for Artwork Objects

Anastasia Moutafidou, Georgios Adamopoulos, Anastasios Drosou, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Ioannis Fudos
ICIP 2018, 3958-3962, Athens, Greece

Artificial aging by introducing cracks.


Material aging has a significant effect on the realistic rendering of artwork objects. Small deformations of the surface structure, color or texture variations contribute to the realistic look of artwork objects.
These aging effects depend on material composition, object usage, weathering conditions, and a large number of other physical, biological, and chemical parameters.
In this work we focus on local deformations due to corrosion/erosion and finally cracks mainly by modeling the behavior of displacements locally.
Micro-profilometry provides the quantitative measurements of the surface texture and roughness at micro-metric level, which is used to obtain information about material changes over time in terms of its surface deformation.
We present a method for deriving a model for simulating aging based on micro-profilometry measurements taken on material sample plates during an emulated aging process. Subsequently, we use this model for realistic rendering of aged artwork objects.
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