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Editing Operators for Cross-Sectional Data-Sets

Ioannis Kyriazis and Ioannis Fudos
Computer Aided Design and Applications, vol. 16(6), pp 1112-1126


We introduce a tool suite of editing operators for 3D models of free-form objects, which apply on cross-sectional data-sets with the form of generalized cylinders. The objective is to provide an automated framework that allows a model to be modified according to the user intentions. A new feature is extracted from the 3D model, called the curve of centroids, which is used as a basis for applying modifications on the object. A series of editing operators are defined, which use this curve for performing high level editing on the model. A set of user-defined parameters is used to control the editing process, making the new set of operators easy to use. We present some examples on how these editing operators can be applied on a series of data-sets in various situations, ranging from reverse engineering and digital reconstruction to medical simulations, or for creating works of art.
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