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AR-TagBrowse: Annotating and Browsing 3D models on Mobile Devices

Evangelos Eftaxopoulos, Andreas A. Vasilakis and Ioannis Fudos
In Proceedings of Eurographics 2014 (Posters), Strasbourg, France, April 7-11, 2014


We report on the development of a novel interactive augmented reality app called AR-TagBrowse, built on Unity 3D that enables users to tag and browse 3D objects. Users upload 3D objects (polygonal representation and diffuse maps) through a web server. 3D objects are then linked to real world information such as images and GPS location. Users may optionally segment the objects into areas of interest. Such objects will subsequently pop up in the AR-TagBrowse app when one of these events is detected (visible location or image). The user is then capable of interactively viewing the 3D object, browsing tags or entering new tags providing comments or information for specific parts of the object.
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