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A parametric feature-based CAD system for reproducing traditional pierced jewellery

V. Stamati and I. Fudos
Computer-Aided Design, Volume 37, Issue 4 , pages 431-449


In this paper, we introduce ByzantineCAD, a parametric CAD system for the design of pierced medieval jewellery, which is jewellery created by piercing, a traditional Byzantine technique. ByzantineCAD is an automated parametric system where the design of a piece of jewellery is expressed by a collection of parameters and constraints and the user's participation in the design process is through the definition of the parameter values. We present an approach to designing traditional pierced jewellery using a voxel-oriented feature-based Computer Aided Design paradigm: a large complex pierced design is created by appropriately placing elementary structural elements. We also present a scaling algorithm for enlarging pierced designs without altering the size of the elementary structural elements used to construct them.


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