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Extracting CAD Features from Point Cloud Cross-sections

I. Kyriazis, I. Fudos and I. Palios
In Proceedings of the The 17-th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, EUROGRAPHICS , Plzen, Czech Republic


We present a new method for extracting features of a 3D object targeted to CAD modeling directly from the point cloud of its surface scan. The objective is to obtain an editable CAD model that is manufacturable and describes accurately the structure and topology of the point cloud. The entire process is carried out with the least human intervention possible. First, the point cloud is sliced interactively in cross sections. Each cross section consists of a 2D point cloud. Then, a collection of segments represented by a set of feature points is derived for each slice, describing the cross section accurately, and providing the basis for an editable feature-based CAD model. For the extraction of the feature points, we exploit properties of the convex hull and the Voronoi diagram of the point cloud.


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