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New poster accepted @EG2014

“AR-TagBrowse: Annotating and Browsing 3D models on Mobile Devices” from E. Eftaxopoulos, A. Vasilakis and I. Fudos accepted as poster at Eurographics 2014 conference.

TVCG Journal invitation @I3D2014

Our paper “k+-buffer: Fragment Synchronized k-buffer” was among the four best papers in I3D 2014 and has been invited for an extended version at the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Graphics (TVCG) journal (see and

PhD Defence @UOI2014

Andreas A. Vasilakis have successfully presented his PhD dissertation, titled “Direct Rendering of Feature-based Skinning Deformations”.

New paper accepted @EG2014

“Pose Partitioning for Multi-resolution Segmentation of Arbitrary Mesh Animations” from A. Vasilakis and I. Fudos accepted to be presented at Eurographics 2014 conference.

New paper accepted @I3D2014

“k+-buffer: Fragment Synchronized k-buffer”  from A. Vasilakis and I. Fudos accepted to be presented at I3D 2014 conference.